Nishitha Degree College

About Code of Conduct for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

  1. All the Staff members should take interest in the welfare of Students, Institute & Society.
  2. All the Staff members should wear ID Cards.
  3. Reporting on Duty: Every day Staff members are required to register their attendance in the Attendance Register.
  4. Late Arrival : Staff members are expected to report on duty 05 minutes prior to reporting time on all working days. Five minutes delay is permissible.
  5. Leaving the Campus before time: In general, Staff members are not allowed to leave the campus before the official working hours. Only in exception cases, Staff members are allowed to leave early with the permission of Principal.
  6. All the Staff members should submit the leave letter and take the permission from Head of the Department/appropriate authority and submit the same to the Principal for approval.
  7. No Staff member should use asset of the institute for their personal use.
  8. No Staff member should communicate or write any information related to the institute to Social media or Press without prior permission from institute authorities.
  9. All the Department HODs should monitor & conduct academic activities of the department under the guidance of the Principal.
  10. All The Staff members should plan and take the necessary action for improvement of academic results.
  11. All the Department HODs should take stakeholders feedback and accordingly take the remedial actions.
  12. All the Department HODs should distribute the workload to the faculty for teaching.
  13. Non-teaching Staff should handle the account section , Student section, Scholarship section and maintain related activities of the Institute.
  14. Non-teaching Staff should ensure that the student’s original documents are kept safe and return to the students after the students pass out from the institute.
  15. Non-teaching Staff should super wise and execute attendance monitoring, salary payments to all the Staff members.
  16. Librarian is responsible for overall functioning of the Library such as procure books, daily newspapers, journals , magazines , videos & online resources etc., recommended by the Faculty members.
  17. Lab Assistants should ensure that IT and other equipment infrastructure maintenance is carried out regularly. They also should prepare the maintenance file with all records and registers.
  18. A Computer Lab Technician should look after day to day routine and maintenance activity of Computer Lab such as installation of Antivirus, Formatting of Computers, Network problems and Printer problems etc.
  19. Peons should ensure the seating arrangement and clean the Office before the commencement of Office hours. They should maintain cleanliness of class rooms, faculty rooms, Seminar Hall & whole premises etc.
  20. Peons make the arrangements of the meeting & provide Tea/Coffee/Refreshment to the guest and all the Staff in the Office.

Code of Conduct Committee Members

S.No Name of the Member Designation
1 Dr.C.Rajendra Sagar Prinicipal
2 Manoj Kumar Gelda IQAC
3 G. Srinivas HOD, Dept. of Comp.Science
4 K. Gopi Krishna HOD, Dept. of Commerce
5 M. Krishna Prasad HOD, Dept. of Mathematics
6 Madhusudhana Chary HOD, Dept. of Statistics
7 R. Chandana HOD, Dept. of Physics
8 Ch.Ramya HOD, Dept. of Electronics
9 B.Anusuya HOD, Dept. of Telugu
10 A.Srinivas HOD, Dept. of English